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"There are no words to describe the emotional support my wife and I received from VIP Transitions. Needing to relocate my mother-in-law from our home was a hard choice to make. All our questions and needs were answered by one person. Supplies and equipment were handled by VIP Transitions quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your professional and reliable services."     -Jim P.

"The support and compassion VIP Transitions provided allowed for me to have peace of mind while dealing with my ailing mother."      -R. Perez



Danielle's grandmother Angie had been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis, brain tumors and thyroid cancer for quite some time. Before Angie's transition, she was living with Danielle's mother Rachel for the past few years as the task of living alone became too difficult for Angie. 

One day it became apparent that Angie needed more help than Rachel could provide on a day to day basis. Upon searching the internet, Rachel became so overwhelmed with the amount of resources available online that she took the first place she could find that was within the budget, however, it was 30 minutes away. Rachel called Danielle to let her know what was going on and Danielle immediately questioned why she had chosen a place so far away. Rachel responded by saying she didn't want to look anymore and that this place would do. Danielle noticed the exhaustion and sadness in her mothers voice and told Rachel to give her a few days to see if she could find something closer while remaining within the budget.

Danielle immediately started looking for Board and Care Facilities in the area and realized very quickly why Rachel had chosen the first place she came across. The amount of resources available were overwhelming and often misleading in price. Upon hours of research and phone calls, Danielle was able to set up a couple appointments to visit a few Board & Care homes that were less than 10 minutes away and within the price range. Danielle and Rachel visited the homes and found a perfect match for Angelina.


Danielle assumed the hard work was done once the search for the perfect place was completed. However, that task was easy compared to the next steps Danielle and Rachel had to take to physically and emotionally move Angelina from Rachel's home into the Board & Care. Rachel had to go through all of Angelina's belongings which included a storage unit. Moving trucks had to be rented and it took days to go through everything deciding what she wanted to take with her, throw away, donate and keep in storage. 

Danielle watched her mom struggle through each obstacle taken to transition Angelina into a home. The mental toll it took on Rachel knowing this was the beginning of the end for Angelina was almost too much to bear. Although Rachel handled the process with strength, love and courage, Danielle was glad that Rachel reached out for help and didn't go through this transition alone.

When all was said and done, Danielle started thinking of the families and caregivers who don't have the support system that Rachel and Angelina had. Danielle wondered how transitions were made when family members resided out of state from their loved ones. The services that VIP Transitions offers, supports these families from the beginning of the transition process all the way to the end. VIP Transitions helps the caregivers navigate through this difficult time by providing them around the clock service and their own personal Transition Concierge Specialist. Anything the family needs (even if its not listed in the "Services" section) will be arranged quickly and to the families specifications.

Danielle quickly found her calling after having gone through transitioning her own grandmother. She hopes to continue to help families by offering not only her services, but her love and emotional support.

Owner and Founder Danielle Glen was born and raised in East Los Angeles and now resides in South Orange County with her husband, 2 kids and their dog.

When Danielle was faced with deciding to move her grandmother into a Board & Care facility and then making the move a reality, she found out firsthand how challenging and emotional that type of transition can be. Now she’s looking forward to helping other families through their own transitions with her new business, VIP Transitions.

Approximately 24% of those 65 and older are living alone, and approximately 65.6% of seniors are without private or public health insurance (Wallace, Pourat, Enriquez-Haass, Alek, 2002).  These numbers are expected to increase as Baby Boomers and state and federal governments determine how to deal with their care and the tremendous existing budget deficit.  To circumvent both governmental budget issues and potential healthcare crises, the Foundation of Senior Services plans to connect and supplement clients’ funds so that services can be readily obtained and utilized. The Foundation for Senior Services will work with agencies that provide, home care services, home repairs, meals, transportation, medical supplies and equipment to our community to form agreements and supplement payment plans on behalf of our clients.  

Our goal is to spearhead a co-operative effort to meet the growing needs of the seniors in our area.

The Foundation for Senior Services is a charity whose mission is to provide seniors with education, options and resources so that they can choose quality care and assistance that will help preserve their independence.  We have first-hand knowledge of the complex and confusing array of issues that today’s seniors must navigate in order to get quality care and assistance, and to live safely and cared for. The Foundation of Senior Services purpose is to provide this support to seniors who fit our criteria, in the local communities which we service, without consideration of social and cultural differences.  

Foundation For Senior Services
Senior Specialist Group

The online community component actively creates, builds and supports the local Chapters of Senior Specialists Group. The local chapters meets once a month to network, create, and organize ways to educate and assist seniors in their local communities regarding their specialties through various free speaking engagements, public events, and fundraising activities. At the same time the online community will facilitate those online based inquiries/questions and direct them to their qualified local needed specialist.