Frequently asked


Q: Where can I find pricing for Transition and Concierge/Caregiver Services?

A: Prices are not posted online due to the fact that the services offered are customizable, so you only pay for the services needed. That is why VIP Transitions offers a free in-home or phone consultation where your Personal Concierge Specialist will assess your needs and work with your budget to make the transition/relocation as easy as possible.

Q: I need to move my mother into an Assisted Living facility in 3 days, is that enough notice to make the move?

A: Yes, we will do our best to accommodate any time-frame you may have. We understand that sometimes these situations happen unexpectedly, we will be there to support you even with a tight time-frame.

Q: Do your caregivers provide reports after each visit?

A: Yes! If requested we can send scheduled reports to the requesting party after each visit. You'll be comforted to know that one of our qualified caregivers serves as your eyes and ears on the ground, observing emotional well-being and behavior to the same extent you would.

Q: How do you work with family members?

A: We work extremely closely with our client’s family members. We are often in constant contact with family members not just to address issues that arise, but to keep them informed of all the exciting happenings as well. Our goal is to be a proxy for a client's primary caregiver(s) who can’t be there all the time. We take care of everything so that the time you do spend with your loved one is just about enjoying their company.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of hours I need to purchase for your Concierge/Caregiver Services?

A: A majority of the non-medical homecare companies have a minimum hourly service requirement of 3 to 4 hours per day. VIP Transitions has no hourly minimum for services.

Q: Are you a franchise?

A: No. Franchise owners pay high fees to own a franchise, and subsequently pass that cost along to the client. VIP Transitions is independently owned and invests our earnings into creating a personalized level of care for each client and for providing ongoing training for our dedicated caregivers who take great pride in serving our clients.