Transition & Relocation Services


  • Sorting through cabinets, closets, cupboards and more

    • What to keep

    • What to give to family

    • What to sell/donate

    • What to put in storage

Floor Planning

  • Measure the new place

  • Measure current furniture

  • Discuss floor plan layout


Planning and Preparation

  • Determine moving time table

  • Family coordination

  • Moving van arrangements


  • Professionally pack all items for move

  • Provide boxes and supplies

Moving Day

  • Final packing

  • Personal care for client

  • Meet and direct movers

Unpack and Resettle

  • Arrange furniture

  • Unpack and remove boxes

  • Put things away

  • Make the beds

  • Set up kitchen and bathrooms

  • Hang pictures

Concierge Services


  • Friendly Conversation

  • Reading a book, newspaper, online articles, ect.


  • Walking 

  • Yoga, Stretching & Meditation


  • Drop off & Pick-Ups

    • Dry-Cleaning​

    • Alterations

    • Library Books

  • Merchandise purchases & returns

  • Gift Shopping

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Prescription Pick-Ups

  • Meal Delivery (Special Requests)

Home Management

  • Plant Maintenance

  • Pet Care

  • Working with outside services, such as landscapers, plumbers, electricians, carper cleaners, etc.

Tech Support

  • Computer Tutoring & Assistance

  • Update Software

  • Setup new computer, tablet or smartphone


  • Shuttle services for medical appointments, social events, etc.

  • Pet taxi – drop off and pick up pets at vet or groomers

  • Drop off and pick up client’s vehicle for routine service, such as oil changes or a car wash


Travel Arrangements 

  • Airline reservations

  • Hotel or resort reservations

  • Rental car reservations

  • Research destination information, such as resorts, activities, locations, etc. 


Waiting Services 

  • Waiting for deliveries

  • Waiting for home repair and maintenance services

  • Waiting at service shop while vehicle is being serviced or repaired

  • Waiting in line to get tickets for events

Additional Services
These additional services are for when a loved one has passed. These services not only help families who are grieving but can also save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars as each day a loved ones belongings are left in the residence/room, charges of up to $250 a day can be accrued.​​


  • A team will neatly pack all of your loved ones belongings in a day

  • All boxes and supplies needed will be provided

Delivery & Storage

  • Belongings to be delivered to requested address

  • Belongings to be stored for up to 1 month

Laundry Service

  • Arrangements to launder dirty clothes

  • Pick-Up and delivery of clean clothes